The invention of the diaper cover or "wrap" came about in about 1987 with the use of Velcro as a reusable closure system. This eliminated the need for pinning of a cotton diaper and the need for plastic pants that become brittle with use. We tested our products in hospitals and day care centers to ensure quality of design and manufacturing. Many designs later, we developed the Pro Rap in its current form.

Pro Service sells the most popular cover in the United States and foreign markets. We sell our covers through distributors, diaper services and direct to consumers on the Internet.

We pride ourselves on the quality of our products. We mainly focus on selling middle of the market affordable products that work great

We tested and used all of our products on our children over 20 years ago, and have continued to improve on our product over the years.

Pro Service cares about the health and safety of our greatest resource, our children. We believe that reusable products are the best for diapering of our babies, our environment and your pocketbook.
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