Pro Service started making diaper covers in 1986

A group of Diaper Services on the West coast saw a need for their customers for an alternative to diaper pins and plastic pants. We did a lot of research to come up with the best wrap so that customers would be able to use it easily, it would not leak and it was affordable.

We hired a person with a long background working in the design of swimwear, he made us quite a few prototypes and we tested them with our customers, daycares and our own children. There were shall we say a few blowouts, but over time we think that we developed the best wrap available. We still get great feedback from our customers of how well they work and the durability.

After we developed the right product, we then rented space in Vancouver, WA and hired quality seamstresses. The original intent is that we would sew these wraps for the five partners that owned diaper services and they would sell to their customers. Over time and the internet coming into play we bought a larger building and hired more employees and are selling these diaper covers all over the world. We really do appreciate our customers and that when they use our covers they let all of their friends how well they work.

It is hard to believe but some of our "test babies" including mine are now graduating from college and these diaper covers are still working well for parents that are concerned about the comfort of their baby and our environment. We are one of the original makers of diaper covers and we thank all of our customers for your continued use of them over the years.

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